Serbia Nature

Serbia Nature

Have you ever ridden horses through a vast plain, such as Vojvodina? Or maybe just enjoyed bird watching in fabulous ponds and swamps, such as Serbian…

Riding Serbia Vojvodina

Horse ridingHave you ever ridden horses through a vast plain, such as Vojvodina? Or maybe just enjoyed bird watching in fabulous ponds and swamps, such as Serbian northern region has to offer? Three great rivers intersect Vojvodina – Danube, Tisa and Sava, giving unreal fertility to Vojvodina’s fields. If you prefer conciliation – Vojvodina makes a perfect getaway for you.

Eastern Serbia adrenaline adventure

Adrenalin, adventure, mystery… Three words which best describe East Serbia. Land of Vlahs and a drainage canal of prehistoric Pannonian Sea has some of the most unreal landscapes throughout Europe and world. Well known by its waterfalls, the amazing dance of stone and water, which are connected with interesting and mystical tales of the local people. In ancient tales that are passed on from generation to generation, these locations are mentioned as places where the fairies and elves gathered, places with unnatural phenomena and where magical events occurred.

Sumadija with dense forests

SumadijaIf you are thinking green, then Šumadija is a place for you to explore. Both tamed and wild at the same time, Serbian central region got its name by thick and prodigious forests. Beautiful hills interspersed with countless streams and rivers make Šumadija one of the most desirable destinations for hiking and recreation.

Western Serbia rafting tara

RaftingWest and Southwest of Serbia is covered by some of the most beautiful mountains in Europe. Among others, this region is a proud keeper of an endemic larch tree and one of the largest birds in Europe – Griffon Vulture. Their natural habitats are yet to be fully explored. Undying nature of Southwest region makes it a perfect destination for any time of year. Rafters enjoy sloping down some of the wildest rivers in Europe, such as Drina and Ibar rivers; Paragliders are thrilled to glide through canyons aside with some of the rarest bird species…

Devil borough

Devils townSerbian South takes its guests to another world. An outstanding mixture of sharp mountains, beautiful plateaus and rich valleys can confuse even old connoisseurs. Its highland lakes are some of the favorite escapes from urban stress. Southern magic is best reknown in one of the most serious contesters for Seven Wonders of Nature – Djavolja Varoš (Devil’s Town). Although carrying scarry name, its surrounding is filled with blessed water: concentration of healing mineral springs around this natural wonder exceeds all sensible expectations!

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