MUP spent EUR 300K securing gay parade in Belgrade

MUP spent EUR 300K securing gay parade in Belgrade

The Gay Lesbian Info Center (GLIC) NGO has announced that the security provided during Belgrade Pride Parade in October cost citizens of Serbia EUR 305,000.

A statement on Tuesday carried by Beta agency added that following the reports in some media about the high cost of securing the parade, GLIC asked the Serbian Interior Ministry (MUP) to reveal how much money was spent for that purpose, and how many police officers were deployed.

The MUP said the estimated figure was around RSD 37.5 million (EUR 305,000) and that 6,150 police officers were engaged.

“GLIC requested this data because after the Pride Parade some media speculated that security cost Serbian citizens 1.5 million euros, while Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said the figure was 800,000. In addition, some media reported that 10,000 police officers secured Pride Parade. Data provided by the Ministry of Interior denies these allegations,” the statement added.

The NGO also said that “unverified and sensationalist data should not be published” as this contributes to increasing the homophobia in society, especially at a time when the country is in an economic crisis.

“We propose that the Ministry of Interior drastically decrease the number of its members securing Pride Parade scheduled for September 18, 2016, because, as practice shows, this is no longer needed,” the statement said.