Head of Serbia’s Islamic Community congratulates Eid to Muslims

Head of Serbia’s Islamic Community congratulates Eid to Muslims

The coronavirus pandemic has made people across the world learn and feel “all the bitterness of loneliness,” the head of Serbia’s Islamic Community, Sead Nasufovic, said in his message for the Islamic holiday of Eid on Saturday, stressing the importance of respecting every human being and helping the needy.

The three-day holiday, locally called Bayram, marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, which Muslims spend fasting daily until the evening.

“Let us not forget that human civilization began at the moment when one human came to the aid of another,” Nasufovic said at his press conference in Belgrade.

“Only through fasting do people get a special power of humility with which they reach the highest heights. With this, a person gets the strength to lower their gaze away from everything and direct it toward the heart,” he said.

“By looking into one’s heart one gets to know themself, contrary to everything that modern man is occupied with,” he added.

Serbia’s President, Aleksandar Vucic, Parliament Speaker, Maja Gojkovic, and other government officials have also congratulated Bayram to Nasufovic and all Muslims.

The Bajram prayer will take place on Sunday morning at 7 am, Nasufovic said, adding that the prayer at the Bajrakli Mosque in Belgrade will take place in the yard of the mosque as well to ensure proper social distancing.

Protective masks and gloves will also be handed out.