EPS Power company “not for sale”

EPS Power company “not for sale”

An appraisal of the property of the electric power company EPS is aimed at “strengthening Serbia’s most significant public enterprise.”

Minister of Mining and Energy Aleksandar Antic said this on Tuesday.

The appraisal will be conducted by Energoprojekt Entel and the Institute of Economics, Tanjug reproted.

“EPS is in a stage of restructuring, we have completed the corporatisation stage and we are implementing a financial consolidation plan. As part of those measures, we have plans for 2017 to create conditions for EPS to become a joint stock company,” Antic told the agency.

That is why the EPS property is being defined right now, after which the company value must be appraised, he said.

“These are planned activities that are part of the restructuring process at EPS. Media speculations that this is being done for the purpose of privatisation are absolutely not true,” Antic said.

The purpose is to create the preconditions for EPS to become a joint stock company, he said.