Cornerstone laid for Belgrade Waterfront’s Belgrade Tower

Cornerstone laid for Belgrade Waterfront’s Belgrade Tower

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and Eagle Hills Chairman Mohamed Al-Abbar on Friday laid the cornerstone for the Belgrade Tower building (Belgrade Waterfront).

It is designed to be the tallest building in the Balkans (Belgrade Tower building Belgrade Waterfront).

Vucic and Al-Abbar wrote messages and placed them in capsules that were subsequently laid into the ground to remain in the foundations of the tower.

“I quoted (former French President Charles) de Gaulle, who said that it is more important to regulate a country, than rule it. I am proud of Serbia and Belgrade, I am proud of our people, and I am particularly happy and satisfied that I have had the honor of being part of a team of people who are transforming the face of our country,” Vucic told reporters.

The approximately 50,000 sq m tower should be completed in three years.

The 42-storey building will include a five-star hotel, residential suites and a vista point with a restaurant.

Standing over 160 m eterstall and overlooking the Sava River, the tower will become “a new symbol of Belgrade Waterfront,” said Tanjug.

Serbian companies will be involved in the construction works as subcontractors.

The cornerstone-laying ceremony at the Sava walkway was attended by Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali and U.S. Ambassador Kyle Scott.