Airport check-in

Airport check-in

General information. Upon arrival at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport you can check-in at the counter marked with select airlines’ name and logo.

Each check-in counter is marked with the information about the flight for which check-in is in progress.

In Terminal 1 you can check-in for Wizz Air, easyJet as well for all charter flights whilst in Terminal 2 you can check-in for all other carriers’ flights.

To check-in for the flight please present your airline paper or e-ticket and ID document along with the baggage you wish to hand over.

Air Serbia applies common check-in meaning that check-in is possible at all counters notwithstanding flight number.
Other carriers apply check-in per flight meaning that check-in of specific flight is possible at designated counter.

Оpening of check-in counters:

  • For international flights to Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi, check-in counters open 180 minutes prior to scheduled departure time;
  • For оther international flights, check-in counters open 120 minutes prior to scheduled departure time;
  • For international flights to Podgorica and Tivat, check-in counters open 90 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.

The exact time of closing of check-in counters can be obtained at selected airline.

Upon completed check-in you will be issued boarding pass and you can proceed to the gate indicated.

Airport check-in

Air Serbia applies common check-in

For your safety, each boarding pass is checked again prior to boarding an aircraft. Each passenger boarding an aircraft must have a boarding pass and personal ID with him, irrelevant of age.

Airport check-in

Sample of boarding pass issued at check-in counter